Chilli Tacos by Sanjeev Kapoor


A superb Taco recipe by Sanjeev Kapoor!/khanakhazana


  1. Those are not tacos , you don´t supposed to put those "baked beans" mixed like that, thats not a mix for a taco THE LETTUCE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE OVER THE BEANS NOT DOWN THE BEANS You never ever EVEEERR ADD CHEDDAR CHEESE TO A TACOOO !Thats wrong And you have to use normal tomato no "cherry tomatoes" That´s just and insult to the real Tacos THOSE ARE NOT TACOS THOSE ARE CHINGADERAS!!

  2. I hate it when someone like Sanjeev kapoor says, "ye bazar me milte hain aap uska bhi istemal kar sakte hai". I mean bazar me to prepared tacos bhi milte hain, why bother? At least show us how to make things at home man, don't just orally describe it.


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