Choco Tacos Recipe!!


In this episode, Brad and Jeff fast forward to dessert, showing you how to put together a simple but delicious chocolate taco. These tacos are waffle-like pizzelle shells, filled with gelato or ice cream, sealed in with a magic shell of solid chocolate sprinkled with candied hazelnuts. Subscribe for new awesome recipes and badass food videos:

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If you have a sweet tooth then this recipe is for you! A sweet shell, a crispy covering, ice cream filling, and a nutty garnish come together into a dessert that will melt your brain with deliciousness. It’s simple to put together and ready as soon as the chocolate shell hardens. This is perfect for a big party or to keep them in the freezer throughout the summer.

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  1. You measure or estimate as you go. Measurements are just a distraction. Just guesstimate. That's how most world chefs cook. Even Chef Ramsay doesn't measure. It's a learning process. Good luck!


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