Chris Santos’ Taco Recipes!


Chef Chris Santos tells us about his new NYC restaurant, Vandal and whips up some of his signature tacos for Taco Tuesday!


  1. He kept licking the sauce off of his fingers and then touching the food that he was serving to Wendy! Yuck! I would not go to his restaurant after seeing this.

  2. I tried vegan "tried" but everything has butter, milk, and eggs!! So I'm pescatarian now, and have been for like 7 years! It's a great lifestyle change, and I lost 40 pounds because of it.

  3. food looks good, but the licking of his fingers and then handling the food is a major turn off. If he's doing this on live tv. what happens in the back kitchen of his restaurant.

  4. The chef did great considering how rushed they made him feel. I'm sure he takes his time when making it at his restaurant or at home. They only gave him 5 min to make it all AND he had to explain everything while Wendy was salivating and crunching in his ear.
    I make fish tacos all the time, but I haven't tried them on Jicama rolls, though I have had Jicama in other ways and it's very good and good for you.

  5. For all the people saying he licked his fingers and then touched the food. He wiped his hands on one of the cloths on the table. Relax its really not that big of a deal

  6. I suggest that you use a cabbage leaf. It makes for a much sturdier shell. Besides, jicama is too sweet for a taco. In Mexico, it's eaten as a desert or more as a refresher like watermelon. They don't usually put it in their food.


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