Christmas Taco Recipe


A request came through to make a ‘Christmas taco’ recipe, so after a little thinking I got your suggestions from my Facebook page and managed to create effectively a condensed down Christmas dinner in a taco…. this was made mainly using leftovers but worked a charm & could be good on Boxing day!

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  1. You could try spreading the sprouts and stuffing on a soft tortilla and wrapping it around the hard shell. This gives you more room for turkey and potatoes and such while keeping the shell together as you eat

  2. I still can't believe you British people boil your sprouts lol! If it were me, I would've roasted them with the potatoes and the pigs in blankets.

  3. Does your pig in a blanket have cheese? It looks like what in my area is called a kettle dog. That a sausage or hot dog stuffed with cheese wrapped in bacon then fried or baked.

  4. you should do a Christmas omelette with all turkey leftovers fry up the stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts (optional), scramble up some eggs to make the omelette and top it off with turkey gravy and cranberry sauce or jelly, doesn't sound like it should go together but trust me it does!

  5. Make a Turkey stew, and use your leftover stuffing to make dumplings. It's a thought. The sight of that Taco made my stomach rumble.


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