DIY Taco Seasoning Recipe – Easy and No Fillers!


Recipe – – Homemade taco seasoning is easy to make, and can be a total do-ahead that’ll get you points on those family taco nights.


  1. I always use ground Chuck it has less fat I cook the meat first then put the meat in a strainer until the grease is drained I also will take the skillet and give it a quick wash to remove the grease return the meat to the skillet and then I will put my seasoning in along with a little bit of warm water stir it and let it simmer until the liquid has just about evaporated I keep just a little bit of the liquid to keep the meat moist and I make my own salsa it's very easy and quick to do I don't use the package shredded cheese it has wax in along some more crap in it I grate my own that I get from the cheese store Monterey Jack queso quesadilla asadero mild cheddar

  2. If anyone is interested, If you like that super fine grind on your taco meat just cook your beef in water. Yup, water. Add your meat to the pan, crumble it down and spread it out like you normally would, toss in your seasonings, and cover the meat with water, make that shit swim in it people. Smash your meat around so it look likes mashed tators. Don't drain it at all, just let the water cook off. As you stir it around till the meat is cooked you will get that nice, fine texture you love so much when you stop by a Taco Bell.

  3. thank you, this is my first time making tacos or anything related to meat (and yes I am actually in the beginning of my teens),I'm doing this for my class, great recipe, but, I'm probably gonna poison everybody in my class, idk I feel like I did something wrong lol XD


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