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Greetings! Making tacos for dinner and thought I would share how I make a really easy and delicious taco seasoning. I like this blend better than the envelopes you can purchase in the store because I get to control the amount of salt, chemicals and the heat level to suit my family’s tastes.

This is made using very common spices that you most likely have on your pantry shelf or spice rack. I always add a bit of corn meal to my blend because it helps to thicken the meat mixture. If you look on the envelope of commercial taco seasonings, you will see any number of things from modified corn starch, modified food starch, “spices” listed after spices and/or Autolyzed Yeast Extract. Both of the latter are nothing more than MSG. Nobody needs those. They are used to increase the flavor, prolong the shelf life and decrease the quality of the end product. You can make your own, know what is in it and be happy in that knowledge.

I hope you will try this taco seasoning blend and I hope you love it!

Happy eating!

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  1. Hello, So where do you buy your spices? Also could potato starch be used rather than the cornmeal/corn starch? Oh and one more thing; is this recipe mild, medium, or Hot heat level? Thank you – Bonni

  2. Made this tonight! Awesome! Thanks! One question: do you drain the meat after browning? We didn't. We used to go to Pappasito's and they used to have hard tacos that were awesome. Yours tasted exactly like theirs.

  3. I'm a bit confused, I think you said you used 1/2 this jar for 2 lbs of meat? So if I was making 1lb would I use 1/4 of the jar? Or perhaps if making up just a bit for 1lb of meat use this recipe cut in half?

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this, Noreen. I live in England, and it's a right pain getting a half decent taco mix here. Cornmeal/flour makes perfect sense. I'm testing it out this week, promise. Please keep sharing!

  5. Thank you so much for this Noreen. I was diagnosed with diabetes about ten years ago now and for some unknown reason it has made me hyper sensitive to salt. I can no longer eat prepackaged meats of any kind, nor can I eat boxed meals like mac & cheese or use the taco seasoning packets due to the amount of salt. I've even quit eating hot dogs because they are too salty for me. Now thanks to you I can once again make and eat taco's. =)

  6. Thanks for this recipe. I have been wanting a good homemade taco seasoning recipe that is cheap and healthy (no junk like msg), however, my husband is a super picky eater. I made tacos yesterday with this seasoning…the verdict…husband and son LOVED it, even more than the seasoning packets we have normally used. YAY!!


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