How to Make Mexican Tacos al Carbon : Texas Flavors


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Mexican tacos al carbon need to be prepared in a very particular way for maximum authenticity. Make Mexican tacos al carbon with help from a professional chef in this free video clip.

Expert: Johnny Hernandez
Bio: Johnny Hernandez has a passion for food that began when he was five years old, in his father’s restaurant and at home in San Antonio’s westside neighborhood.
Filmmaker: Keller Davis

Series Description: You don’t have to buy an expensive plane ticket to enjoy some rich, hearty Texas flavors. Learn how to prepare regional dishes and bring Texas’ famous flavors into your own home with help from a professional chef in this free video series.


  1. This is exactly the basics for making a Mexican taco. The marinade varies from which state you are but this is basically it. Salsas are just extra depending if you like them or not. Another thing is that we have different kinds of tacos depending where you are from. In the south we have Tacos de Guisado and up north in Mx City they have Saudero also Tacos de Canasta. Plus we have Trompos that can be either Al Pastor which is pork or Sirloin which is beef. I can't forget to mention Tacos de Asada which are done on a pan which has a bump in the middle and you can eat Res, Cuerito, Chorizo, Seso, Lengua, Tripa y Campechano. Look that up I'm sure mosto fo you will like them.

  2. “These are real tacos not that Taco Bell shit” shutcho yo ass up like we know. Plus Taco Bell is good for the late night munchies.

  3. my husband bought some tacos like this today and I IMMEDIATELY searched for this recipe bc I KNOW I can make them better than what I spit out lol. Tfs

  4. This are real tacos so idk what some of y'all talking bout but one more ingredient I would have added would have been salsa


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