How to Make Over Fast Food Favorites: Shredded Chicken Tacos and Grilled Pizza


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Test cook Dan Souza shows host Julia Collin Davison how to make the perfect Grilled Pizza at home. Then, tasting expert Jack Bishop challenges Julia to a tasting of supermarket olive oil. Next, gadget expert Lisa McManus uncovers the best avocado gadgets. Finally, host Bridget Lancaster goes into the test kitchen with test cook Tim Chin to learn how to make the best Shredded Chicken Tacos.

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  1. Regards oilve oil, I get the 3L bottle at BJ's. I just checked it's sourced from Spain Turkey, Morroco and Algeria. So at least it's keeping it in a region. And the bottle is of course clear.

  2. I love the information about olive oil, very helpful. I wish to try the chicken tinga but no chipotle where I live. Thank you

  3. They should do away with the old woman with the longer hair and replace her with this/that NEW GUY… at least he comes across as being comfortable and natural in front of the camera. The old long haired marm for a host comes across as odd, and gives off an uncomfortable vibe. When CK was the host the old bitty was at least bearable as CK would speak naturally and DID NOT APPEAR TO BE READING FROM A SCRIPT OR TELEPROMPTER as these two appear to be doing when explaining how to make the pizza. BRING BACK CHRISTOPHER KIMBALL FOR ALL THINGS HOLY! This show has definitely JUMPED THE SHARK with/since his absence.

  4. Why are some of you complaing about the oil? There are less oily toppings on this pizza compared to other pizza recipes. Example not as much cheese, sauce and oily meats with this recipe which makes pizza greasy too.

  5. To shred the chicken – try a hand-blender. I am told it shreds everything in about 15 seconds. (I've not tried pulled chicken since I heard about this).

  6. I’m guessing that in another 10years people will be wearing gloves for freakin’ everything. Want to shake hands? Let me put my gloves on.

  7. Well, you guys don't know how to make Pizza or Tacos. Please make a separate channel for the terrible recipes, so I don't get notifications for this garbage. This stuff is gross!


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