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Mix up a quick taco salad that will please taco fans of all ages with zesty taco flavor. Ground beef is cooked with garlic and chili powders, and toss with lettuce, nacho cheese flavored tortilla chips, Colby-Jack cheese, kidney beans, tomato, onion and pickled jalapeno peppers. Then dowse everything with a snappy dressing of taco seasoning, cider vinegar, Worcestershire, ketchup, sugar and oil.

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  1. I tried it, almost inedible because of the sugar. For the rest it's good eats. I would omit all the sugar. It's a lot of food, enough for 4 to 6 people.

  2. like the last video you talked in was 10 months ago …. not trying to be mean …… i tried you chocolate cakes cupcakes and cookies every one liked it

  3. Once upon a time Doritos were plain old corn chips. This recipe was on the bag of chips. Catalina salad dressing was used. We have always used thousand island dressing. A family favorite for sure.


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