How To Make Taco Bell’s Entire Menu


We’ve been waiting to make this video for a long time. One of my (Josh’s) old favorite fast food spots Taco Bell deserved the full Brothers Green treatment.

This video is part one of the full classic menu experience. How to make all the fillings, cheese sauce, beans, fire sauce, chalupa, gordita, crunch wrap supreme, mexican pizza, grilled stuffed burrito, steak quesadilla, double decker, regular hard shell and soft shell. Things are wild oh yeah.

special thanks to JP and Julia over at Hellthy Junk Food, check out there channel here:

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  1. I’m late, but, to keep the crunch wrap supreme closed, take a small corn tortilla and put it on top in the middle and wrap the sides up around it.

  2. Refried beans are not cooked twice. That's a translation error from the Spanish frijoles refritos, meaning well-fried beans. The re just didn't get translated, since it's also present in English as a prefix.

  3. I just got through an ad, that you can't skip that kept buffering and getting mad each time, to finally get through it and see your shirt saying, "life is buffering"… I'm no longer frustrated lol

  4. Once again you guys helped me out! Never could get that "glaze" on the Taco Meat, but your simple suggestion of adding flour did the trick! thanks again! ^_^


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