Jack in the Box Tacos DIY CopyCat / Recipe Burger King Tacos


Here is our recipe for Jack in the Box / Burger King DIY copycat Tacos!
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  1. Tried to order tacos from Burger King many times cause I miss jack in the box, hate when the younger generation acts like I'm trolling them and says Taco Bell serves tacos, no shit dumbass Burger King use to have them as well!

  2. If I smoked weed I could ponder being an older version of my former self for days. In my neck of the woods we call the filling of the JiB tacos "Mush Meat" and we LOVE IT.

  3. Glad you liked that. Never got either tacos however I might get some if I see them and staving. 25/75% impulse buy only because I saw you make them. Me making them nah. Yiu definitely did your thing though. And for that we applaud you.

  4. After watching this video i want tacos and chalupas plus churros. Now i will watch your chalupa video then go grocery shopping.


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