Low Carb Taco Shells Recipe (part1)


Today’s recipe I show you how to make low carb taco shells. This is part one of a two part video. In part two you will see how I am make shrimp tacos using this taco shells. Enjoy your home made tacos!


  1. We use a tiny round frying pan on the stove top at our house as we don't like to microwave our food. You can just sprinkle in grated cheese , it will all melt together into the size circle of the little pan and just use a spatula to take it out. It is very pliable. We have tried all different kinds of cheeses. Mozzarella is my favorite 🙂 Use medium heat and it takes about 30 seconds for each one!

  2. Looks amazing!! This will change things for me. I'm a vegetarian and I've been struggling a bit but I LOVE the taste of cheese cooked this way.

    Thank you for sharing. I'll be making these later!!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this!!! LOVE these! I make them and stuff them with lettuce, broccoli slaw, radishes, and cucumbers with little bit of healthy salad dressing. YUMMY!!! I eat at lunch and dinner time..love your recipes!!!


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