Low Carb Waffle Taco Recipe Video! | Packed with Protein and ONLY 2g of Fat


Protein Waffle Taco Recipe Video! In this video I show you all how to make a Protein Waffle Taco!

Everything I use for this recipe on AMAZON!
Waffle Maker: http://amzn.to/2D6yvOz
4lb Coconut Flour Bag: http://amzn.to/2Ff2V1R
Pudding Mix: http://amzn.to/2AGNUCh
Sweetener: http://amzn.to/2CRNw9b

Macros for the ENTIRE Taco:

130 Calories
11g Carbs
2g Fat
17g Protein

Ingredients for this Recipe!
10g PEScience Gourmet Vanilla Select Protein
8g Bisquick Heart Healthy Pancake Mix
3g Coconut Flour
25g Egg Whites
1g Baking Powder
2g Zero Calorie Sweetener of your choice
6g Sprinkles

30g Plain Non-Fat Greek Yogurt
2g Sugar Free/Fat Free White Chocolate Pudding Mix (You can use any flavor pudding mix you want)
1g Zero Calorie Sweetener of your choice

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  1. Awesome video, just wanted to clear some things?. In the video you say to add 10g of bisquick, however in the details it says 8g. Also in the video you say to add 30g of egg white, however in the description it says 25g?. Just wanted to make sure which one do I follow. Can't wait to try this out.

  2. Trying this tonight!! Thankfully, I just bought a $10 waffle maker from target last month!! Haha I was worried it was too small so I’m glad I saw this!

  3. Thanks for that frosting recipe idea low calorie. It really feels like a frosting. It is an almost perfect substitute for sugar frosting. I also made mine with white chocolate Jell-O pudding mix. I wanted to try a cheesecake flavor for the frosting, but it seems that the cheesecake Jell-O mix is sold out or not popular enough in my Quebec Province of Canada.

  4. I have made this 2x and i tried to not add so much artificial sweetener but it was def too bitter but how the heck do you get it solid? Mine never gets that firm in just a half hour? Could i be doing something wrong?

  5. I like how you use normal household ingredients… Unlike most cooking recipes, that have an insane amount of stuff I've never even heard of

  6. I love your channel and your videos! Nice job. But I have something to share with you that I really don’t like, that is your camera man. He really needs to improve his skills, it would make your videos even better. But that is just my opinion.


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