Make Delicious Taco Meat and Filling – AN AMAZINGLY SIMPLE RECIPE


Here is a simple and quick recipe for making taco meat and filling, that will leave you wanting more. It’s very simple and does not come out of a bag. Just some simple spices and your skill. YUM!

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Chili Powder


Tabasco Sauce


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  1. The recipe is good without the added water and without the oil. Just use non-stick pan. Remember to drain grease BEFORE adding spices. And lastly.make sure you have a toilet near by for the next 2 days. Haha because your gonna need it.;)

  2. You used 70/30 ground beef and didn't drain it at all… Bet you got the boo boos eating this. Most that fat is added into 70/30 meat and that fat is left over caked old dry aged stuff they use to use for pet food, now its ammonia sprayed to disinfect it, then used as filler for your cheap ground beef. Then you here, kept it all and ate it. Drain it! unless you buying ground sirloin/ground round.
    Missing ingredients as well. Taco pack at the store is killing your recipe. Try doing the onions, fresh garlic, and cumin seed. Saute the onion till it sweats, then add the chopped garlic and cumin seed. Open up the flavor of the cumin, 30-45 secs. Then last 15secs, add your chilli powder and some paprika. Then remove this completely. Then do your meat till browned and drain it!. Then add back in the onion and seasoning. Then throw in chopped cilantro and some lime juice. Then add quarter cup of water with tablespoon of corn starch. Reduce heat when boils, let it thicken. Then add salt/pepper to your taste. The corn starch is what will thicken the sauce and adheres to meat. The water only because adding corn starch to the pan without mixing it in water first, is bad mmmkay. The cilantro/lime is what brings it home.

  3. Big Big help! Have to cook for a work networking event and realized I don't actually know how to prepare taco meat! Lol BUT now I do. 🙂

  4. Look at all the food critics on here! I dont see you on here cooking! I add a little water or broth to mine too. It doesnt dry the meat out. If your meat is getting dry, its because youre doing it wrong! I do drain the grease before adding my seasonings though. Just give this cook a like and move to the next video….gee whiz!

  5. The water reduction is a good way to make sure all the seasonings and flavors are well mixed together and infused in the final product…of course you could skip it, but I think it's a great idea


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