Ramen Noodle Tacos – Weird Recipe Review


Today I’m cooking a Cathy Mitchell classic recipe – ramen noodle tacos. I also prepare a super special ramen dessert!

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  1. This cook book is rediculous because it seems like it wants you to do 90% of the work you'd do to make the normal version of the food but put ramen in it / ruining it instead .? The idea of a cook book for ramen recipes as a substitute or ways to make eating instant ramen in general more appealing sounds nice for people who live on a budget but then again those kinds of people probably couldn't afford or have intrest in buying a cook book anyway?….

  2. i feel like i helped because i linked a strainer and called it a thing and ian called it a thing
    if not then…as ness says…okay

  3. That is not mozzarella cheese. Mozzarella is juicy and moist and nearly falls apart by itself…
    But I guess it still is some kind of cheese and it makes it better

  4. I knew in my heart that taco was gonna be an unmitigated disaster. Your editing is soooo good man. You just keep getting better and better

  5. For a small moment after he took a bite of the smore, I thought Ian was gonna walk away and say, "that's it, I'm quitting Brutal Foods"

  6. There was a severe lack of bongos in this video, Im disappointed in you Ian. You are obviously deeply disturbed and need to sort your life out.

  7. You could fix those tacos if you chopped up all the ramen and cooked it with a bunch of hamburger meat and taco seasoning.


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