RECIPE -TACO BELL Chili Cheese Burrito


What better food to serve your Superbowl Sunday needs than the mostly extinct, yet beloved Chilito, or AKA Chili Cheese burrito from Taco Bell. We had to take about 10 recipes and our our taste buds and make it as close to the original as possible.
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“DIY S’mores Waffle Recipe – Whitfield’s Food Revue Original!”


  1. All one has to do is go to Taco Bell's web site and look at the ingredients, they still publish them since these are still available at a few restaurants, THERE ARE BEANS IN THE LIST! Keep trying but you are a long way off from getting a true recipe!

  2. 2a.m. taco bell…6 chili cheese burritos…Mt.dew.. then cram some McDs fries in it. Best drunk food ever. They wont serve them here. I gotta find somewhere that does. We used to get them for like $.49/piece!!!! Maybe cheaper!! Love them dang thangs. Bring it back Taco Bell!!! Is there like a petition that I can sign?

  3. Just ate some chili cheese burritos. A couple Taco Bell's have them again and they literally taste the same it's an awesome nostalgia feeling. Can't get enough of them

  4. Taco Bell purchased the Zantigo franchise back in the late eighties. Zanigo had a green chili and red chili chilito.
    They also had a green and red chili burrito. The green chili burrito was my favorite. Much bigger than Taco Bells' , and really messy, but delicious.

  5. If you still want a chili cheese burrito come to Ohio. They never removed it from the menu. I've been eating those things for 20 years. ,

  6. Great video! The drape partition, light falling, buzzed look as the video went on, great value cheese, cat on counter when eating, and the "what the fuck's it to ya" line, You both are awesome, thanks for the laughs!


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