“Super Delicious Mexican Tacos Recipe” “Mario’s Style” “The Favourite Recipes from Mexico”


“Super Delicious Mexican Tacos Recipe” “Mario’s Style” “The Favourite Recipes from Mexico”

taco, chicken, chicken thighs fillet strips of meat, red wine vinegar, lime juice, sugar, salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, spring onions, garlic, coriander, tortillas, vine tomatoes, lettuce, mexican cheese, pepper, tequila, taco sauce

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  1. Now that's one COOL Taco, or as we say here in common everyday hipster language, CHIDO EL TACO! These soft flour taco really pales the fried chicken tacos we make here, there was a time that flour tortilla shops sprung up but being in the central part of the country, we're more accustomed to corn tortillas! Thumbs up Mario, Jari Naraski(greetings in p'urepecha)from Querétaro! 🙂

  2. hola Mario..gracias por la receta de tacos…la verdad no sabía cómo hacerla ..y tenía mucha ganas de comer tacos algún día ..y voy hacerlo ..muchos besitos y saludos desde Holanda ..gracias Mario …me encanta tu programa y esas manera de preparar maravilloso platos Hmmmmmmmm todo me gusta de tu cosina…eres fantásticaaaaaaaa.. Mario…Saludos y mil gracias ….

  3. That's an unusual mixture for a mexican taco but looks delicious, I'll try it for sure, I really like your channel, greetings from Mexico 😀


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