Supreme Taco Night: 4 Recipes to Complete Your Taco Tuesday


Find the full recipe for fish tacos on my website here:
Mango avocado salsa:
Avocado ranch dressing:
Cauliflower rice:

Tired of the same ole’ taco night routine? With these four recipes — fish tacos, mango avocado salsa, avocado ranch dressing and cauliflower rice — you can bring the flavor back into your Taco Tuesday while sticking to a healthy, low-carb, high-nutrient diet. Try these dishes today for a supreme taco night.

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  1. Hi dear Dr.
    Almost three ti four weeks ago I had cold and I was coughing very hard and my Dr. gave me a drop to stop the cough, but I got severe constipation from that drop and caused hemorrhiod!
    I had to get the hemorrhiod operated and I am still suffering from hard stool which is not good for an operated hemorrhiod.
    Do you Sir have any idea how to get a soft stool?
    I drink too much eat only vegetables I stopped eating meets since I am in bad condation

  2. Appreciate your efforts in making these clips. I actually laughed a bit because of the speed in all you covered. Gratuity to the ones who actually do all the labor as well.
    Warm regards,

  3. Besides other vids from your channel, these recipe vids are MY FAV ones. Especially vegan. Keep on uploading them Man!


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