Sushi Taco Tuna Ceviche Recipe


El Sushi Taco! 🙂
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In this video, you will see a simple recipe to make a tuna ceviche taco. Recipe will include how to make the taco and the filling


flour tortillas
sushi grade tuna
sriracha sauce
lime juice
soy sauce

Gear used:

metal ring for cutting (8cm)
deep fryer

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  1. This is not sushi. Sushi involves vinegar and rice. Calling this sushi is contributing to the misconceptions about what sushi really is, primarily that it necessarily involves raw fish. You are doing real professionals a great disservice when you do this and making their jobs more difficult.

  2. Btw where are you from. Your last name for some reason makes me think of Germany or Netherlands and didn't you say you live in Spain?

  3. Love your videos, found your channel a few weeks ago and I tried some of your recipes and I'm in love. Keep up the great work!

  4. can you try to make sushi rice using alternatives like dirty rice or forbidden rice and hold the grains together with agar agar, xanthan gum, gelatine, or powdered gluten


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