Taco Tuesday: Baja Fish Tacos


In the pantheon of perfect tacos (indeed, that’s a big group), the coveted Baja fish taco has earned its rightful spot.

Now, you could argue that fish tacos don’t exactly qualify as comfort food, yet something about each bite of that golden, crispy fish — enhanced by tangy hot sauce, cooling, creamy mayo and a toothsome cabbage crunch — just triggers in me a deep-rooted, immense pleasure.

The recipe that follows was inspired by my one of my favorite vendors in Ensenada, who deviates from your run-of-the-mill fish batter by adding a few unexpected ingredients. (Yellow mustard, anyone?)

To those balking at the idea of frying in your home kitchen, I say fear not — these tacos are totally worth it. And yes, you can totally pull it off on a weeknight.

Get the recipe: http://www.rickbayless.com/recipe/classic-ensenada-fish-tacos/


  1. i'm clear about everything besides the crema sauce. how much of a taste difference would be leaving out the mayo? lets say just use the mexican crema with lime? i'm just curios if i can't find a mexican mayo…or could i use normal mayo? thanks

  2. Thank you Rick. I followed your recipe and made some awesome fish taco. Wife said they are taste even better than some fish tacos we'd tried in San Antonio, TX. Mucho Thanks!

  3. Awsome videos Rick! Love the beer battered fish and the sauce! It made my mouth eat 5 fish tacos with all the things that you put! Keep up the good work.

  4. Mine turned out great. We used crappie and bluegill filets. I forgot the baking powder, it didn't make a difference. We also had a sweet/hot chili sauce.

  5. Looks really delicious Rick. I really like the way you basically reproduce what tastiness they have in TJ so effortlessly and I swear my mouth is watering at most of this vids. Lol, I need to get myself a taco now 🙂


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