Tacos Al Pastor Recipe _ How to make Tacos Al Pastor _ Mexican BBQ


Tacos Al Pastor Recipe Mexican BBQ is marinated grilled pork shoulder




  1. an interesting take on the style of iconic arabic influened prepared meat cone that we all love… I don't know why no sour orange, or lime/orange mix.. and cayenne? when pasilla, arbol, ancho are available… i usually make the adobo seperate for marinading meat… but sure… mix is all together in a flash and then COOK IT ON A SPIT! err… only to, cut it and cook it… in … a… pan… with … saute'd avocados?@?@!?#$ lol all in all, you've over complicated an easy recipe and changed the flavor profile entirely… should've known, as you have also called this mexican bbq. oh, ick… flour tortillas? whole wheat at that?! with this? wow… come down to San Diego, we can cross the border, or not, and get you some real tacos you can copy back home on the tubes. 🙂

  2. So cool. So good! Thank you. I'll bet you'd get a lot more likes and subscribers if you posted the recipes to go along with your videos. When you're cooking you can't go back and forth toYouTube to see what to do next. Just a thought. Fabulous video. Wish I knew where I could get a grill setup like yours.

  3. Muy buen video, pero no le encuentro sentido a terminar la carne, en partes y en un sarten y peor aun cocinarla con aguacate.
    Al fin Mi opinion

  4. You were kind of close of making tacos al pastor but You should really work with Mexicans making tacos next time and kill the music next time put some real Mexican music like some Banda or mariachi corridos lol.
    But hey I tried your recipe they came out good only thing I did is I killed the avocado and I chopped the cilantro and onions very good

  5. The marinade should have been mixed first separately before being added to the meat. Meat didn’t get enough of the red coloring from the achiote here.

  6. Pretty nice recipe.
    The only thing is that the skewer should be in a upright position so all the juices from the pineapple and the meat on top should go down and give flavor to the meats below.
    Maybe y'all don't have the equipment for that lol.
    The tortillas are a little undercooked for me.

  7. Not only is the recipe STUNNING and DELICIOUS, but the accompanying soundtrack is amazing as well. It does – however – break my heart to see all of those lovely bits and pieces of tasty pork 'perish forever' in the searing embers beneath the rotating and skewered pork. Oh the sacrifices we are called upon to make in pursuit of wonderful food. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!


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