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Welcome To The Kitchen Of Gordon Ramsay.
In This Cooking video, You WIll LEarn NEw Recipes And How To make Street food And make them in Home.
By the end Of this video, YOur Cooking Especially fast food Skills Will Be Totally New Level.
So, Topics That We Will Cover Today are :
+ How To Cook Beef Tacos With wasabi Mayo By Gordon Ramsay. {00:24:00}
+ How To Cook Spiced Chicken Wrap. {05:52:00}
+ How To Cook Chilli Hot Dogs. {07:08:00}
+ How To Cook Baguette With Beef In Vietnamese Style.{08:24:00}

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  1. Who the fuck wastes a good steak on taco meat?! Jesus. Stop thinking everyone has money to burn on food, you English twat.

  2. What a hell with that taco ? The mexican food its a delicios not this think everybody need go to mexico to eat a delicios tacos of pastor

  3. What to do if you dont have a fume hood….this is my only question! The house gets blasted with smoke otherwise(using high heat w/olive oil)

  4. Disappointed))))) is like watching ramsey working at a kitchen nightmare restaurant making asian tacos… What that fuck is that.. Are you mental?

  5. I don't get what all the fuss is about. All that shit looks good. Sure, it's not quite like the actual street food, but Gordon knows that. He says it's inspired, not that it's to be compared with the actual thing.
    I even think his taco looks really good. Fusion gets such a bad rap because it's so easily done wrong. Good fusion takes a style of food/preparation technique from one culture, and incorporates the flavors of another into it. Bad fusion just tries to mix flavors together, or combine 2 styles/techniques of food that have nothing in common with each other, or worse, both at the same time. I think Gordon's tacos find a good balance using the convenient finger food style of tacos and the flavors from Japanese cuisine. It's not a Mexican taco, and it's not supposed to be. But it still looks damn good. He doesn't have all those michelin stars for nothing.

  6. Mexican Taco's are nothing like that!!!
    How are you going to eat a taco with a hard tortilla?
    That's a tostada!!!!


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