Tacos – Mexican Cuisine Recipe


Tacos – Mexican Cuisine


  1. I will never eat that taco however they look like they're from India no disrespect I am of Mexican descent I like my tortillas to be corn I don't eat caned beans and I sure as hell don't eat salsa from the grocery store like Safeway I like my salsa freshly made with tomatoes roasted over skillet not in a plastic container however I do give him props for trying good luck I hope you don't get diarrhea with that gross flour tortilla

  2. First off, bad burritos have rice in them. What is this? A video showing how to put veggies from one plate to another? Thank God this online!!

  3. Girls, I have been passionate and studious of Mexican gastronomy my entire life and I congratulate you on your video. Do not pay attention to any of the negative comments. For a solid reason the Mexican gastronomy was declared Humanist’s Patrimony by the by the UN in 2010, this means gift to humanity. Furthermore every country has given them their own unique touch, but that does not mean they are being disrespectful to the origins of the taco, Mexico.

  4. hell no, they where invented in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico, by a mexican, not mexican american. don't say your shit when you are not mexican.

  5. sulfur, if you are a real mexican, and you have been all over the world, as i am, you know that the one and only thing that gets mexicans closest to thheir beloved country, is food, and to see people thinking they are eating the real deal, while they are doing stuff like in this video, really brakes my heart. its NOT mexican food. is tex mex/white burrito


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