The BEST Taco Recipe You’ve Ever Had in Your Entire Life!!!


Kurt’s Famous Mexican Tacos
“Fence Builders”

-3 potatoes, diced
-1 can rotel tomatoes and green chiles
-4-5 habanero peppers, finely diced
-3-4 Serrano peppers, finely diced
-1 can corn, drained
-1 can Black beans, drained
-1 onion, diced
-Cilantro, chopped
-Sour cream
-Corn tortillas
-olive oil
-lots of limes (1/2 a lime per person)
-2 lbs Elk/Deer/Beef stew meat or ground beef

Add the Peppers and meat first to your pot. Mix.
Add tomatoes and some water.
Boil over medium high heat with no lid. Once boiling, add your potatoes. Add a little water so that it’s just below the level of the ingredients. Just barely. You can always add more water but you don’t want to have to dump any out later if it’s to liquidy.
Boil until potatoes are not crunchy anymore.
Add corn and beans at the end. Let them cook for about ten minutes with it. Warm your tortillas with a little bit of oil in a separate pan. Serve with filling, sour cream, cheese, lime, and tapatio.

And then enjoy the best taco you’ve ever had in your entire life 😋

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  1. I am a chef , and that wasn't the best tacos I've seen as I am mexican and I have seen the real foods since I was a kid, but one thing for sure is , that you are very cute and gorgeous! I would watch this channel over and over just because of your good, and cute looks. Not the food, not the food per say… I will have to teach you how to cook. Just saying …

  2. Found you recently on here and started to follow immediately because you seem so honest, not to mention quick recipes!

    Tip; to flip tortillas easier, use tongues. My mom still uses her hands to flip tortillas and she says she doesn't feel the heat anymore from years of cooking. I prefer tongues.

  3. You really should sear the meat completely before adding the other ingredients. Looks good! I would love to put it on a bed of rice!

  4. I was wondering what that annoying noise is in the background and you turned the fan off at the end just FYI aware of those background noises

  5. I saw your salmon fishing video first then the turmeric in your coffee now youre making my favorite food TACOS not to sure about this recipe Don't know if I can live that dangerous

  6. The way you cooked it is how I make picadillo. It's made with ground beef and the potatoes are chopped small so as to cook fast. I'm sure the venison is way yummy!


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