Tofu Taco Recipe


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  1. I just read on a page on nutrional yeast, that it is best not heated but put on or into the finished meal, maybe stir it around before serving or else it would loose its vitamins and whatnot… can someone tell me if that is true ?

  2. You and your family remind me of my family. The way you are with your mom and stuff. My parents live in Canada and I live in the UK so I don't get to see them much. Great videos!!

  3. Please could you tell me what the last ingredient in the seasoning recipe is? I can't quite read it as it goes around the edge of the container. Thank you xx

  4. Hey Craig, your relationship with your parents is amazing, especially you and your mom. So hilarious. Lol. Also, you and Max are very good looking guys. Keep up the good work. Lol. Also, I live in Las Vegas, if I were to order some canfies, would you be able to ship it here? Have a good day.

  5. Haha Craig I sorta wanna marry you….. Not enough awesome vegan dudes over here in Buffalo! And certainly not enough intelligent witty ones….. And DERP! WHY is there no mango in that guac??

  6. I enjoy watching videos of you making your sweets, but when I see stuff like this all I think is why are you putting yourself through such hell… when you reach 60..70.. perhaps even 80 years old and you look back on your short life and think why could you not have at least been vegetarian (at least) and enjoy your life a little more.

  7. first time viewer here you should be a character actor or something you have a good personality and a very expressive face i laughed when you said OH MY GOD 10:17 haha i could easily see you in a comedy movie PS i like your house feels very homey to me

  8. I am sure you know this but you can make guacamole with just red onion and lime juice, and probably a bit of coriander


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