Thinking of a Career Change? – What You Need to Consider First


Are you at a point in your life or career where you are beginning to reconsider the direction you are heading in in terms of your work or career? The vast majority of us will admit that we did not, or have not yet stumbled across a job we enjoy and envision ourselves staying with for the long term. This may actually be a result of modern employment and culture where we have more flexibility and choices in terms of employment, and the widespread use of the internet has played a big part in that. We now often see videos of people quitting their nine-to-five for less structured work, allowing them to work and travel simultaneously. We are more aware of the different types of jobs available and there is now money to be made in areas where there was once none. If you are considering a change in career however, there are a few things that you first need to consider.

Are you OK with starting over from scratch?

Beginning a new career can usually mean starting over from the very beginning. This could mean literally starting from the bottom in terms of a job role within an organisation; having to learn new skills from scratch, getting used to a completely new industry, or even starting with the lowest pay. You may not always have to start at the very bottom, but you have to accept that often, you will be a blank page and you should be ok with this. Many people have gone from high paying, positions of power, to lower rank and salaries, and this is often hard for them to accept. So before you make the decision, ensure that you are aware and prepared for the consequences.

Can you afford to switch?

Many people who decide on a change in career may have already accumulated debts and obligations that they have to fulfill, and this plays a big role in their decision to switch. If you were to quit your job and move to a lower paying, less secure employment, how would this affect your mortgage or student loan repayments, for example? Will you be putting yourself in financial harm’s way by making such a move? While people are driven to consider a career change by the stresses of their current job, they will often find that they have grown accustomed to it, and are in a sense trapped in the lifestyle it has afforded them. Can you afford to give up you high-paying salary in order to become a commission-only based salesman of booking systems? Consider this carefully.

What will actually change?

As mentioned in the previous consideration, many people consider a career change due to the current stresses of their work. But will a change of direction alleviate this? Or will they just find themselves experiencing a different type of stress? From job uncertainty, to finding out their new career path isn’t what they expected it to be; will it be a risk worth taking?

These are three very important things you need to ask yourself before deciding to change your career. Everyone is different in terms of their situation and goals, but finding yourself in a situation where you are considering this means that you should be delving deep to find out your reason for feeling so. Begin by considering these three points and make your decision based on your answers.