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Valentine’s Day Ideas for 2022

Valentine’s Day Ideas for 2022

It’s been a rough year, especially for many singletons out there, but with Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s the opportunity to show that special someone (or soon to be, fingers crossed) of yours a bit more attention! If you plan on being even a little bit romantic or doing something out-of-the-box, have a look at the few ideas we have come up with below that will impress that special person.

1) A bonfire by the beach

Living in the UK, bonfires by the beach always seemed to be one for Americans. We haven’t been blessed with many nice beaches and year-round good weather, but there are a few dotted around our island. Setting up a nice little bonfire (where permitted) with some marshmallows and hot chocolate will certainly impress your date.

2) A spa getaway for two

Whisk your date away for a spa day (or two) at a hotel with great facilities. Simply jump on their website and make use of the room booking section of their website, but do it soon as spaces will start to fill up closer the time. Enjoy massages, jacuzzis and other beauty treatments for a relaxing weekend.

3) Stand-up comedy show

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Have a memorable Valentine’s Day date filled with fun and laughter by going to a stand-up show. If there aren’t any options due to pandemic restrictions, check out the virtual shows. It may not have the same atmosphere as a live one, but you’ll certainly have your fair share of laughs.

4) A couple’s cooking class

Why not do something that will improve your skills and help you cook better meals for the rest of your life? A couple’s cooking class could help you learn how to cook each other’s favourite meals or just a bit more creative in the kitchen, which could also help spice up your life in other areas…

5) A bike tour

Explore unfamiliar areas on a bicycle and see them from a different perspective. You get around much quicker and spending time together with this workout is sure to go down a treat. Grab a pair of mountain bikes or even a tandem bike if you want to get cute and make your way around a new town or city.

6) Skydiving

If you want to make the date unforgettable, how about a skydiving session? There certainly won’t be many more activities to get the adrenaline pumping and imagine the amazing views you’d get! Sign up directly with the skydiving schools so you don’t end up paying the extra fees charged by middlemen selling “skydiving gift experiences”.

There are no shortage of interesting date ideas that go beyond the standard dinner and movie. Pick one from the list above to ensure you and your date have a great time.