The vegan diet is healthy right? Well it can be, but sadly most vegans make big mistakes that end up making the diet extremely unhealthy. These mistakes makes the leading cause of death of a vegan heart decease. On the surface this makes no sense. How can people who eat a diet that is supposed to making a heart attack impossible die of just that. That and other reasons is what we will take a look at on this list. So let’s get started.

5Too Much Omega-6

Look at that pretty sunflower. A sunflower is good for you right? No!
Eating too much omega-6 fats is biggest mistake a vegan can make. And it’s a very easy mistake to make. As a vegan you naturally eat more plant based foods (duh). But you might not know that some plants are high in omega-3 and some are high in omega-6.
Omega-6 is by far the easiest to eat a lot of. This is because it is in so many foods. Both processed and unprocessed foods.
The first thing you want to do it remove these oils from you diet. Sunflower oil, Corn oil, Wheat oil, Germ Oil, Soybean Oil and Margarine. When you eat these oils you get a high amount of omega-6 and you are missing an opportunity to get some super healthy omega-3 fatty acids. A high omega-6 to omega-3 ratio is sure way to maximise your risk of heart decease.