Extreme Fat Burn: Thermogenic Weight Loss Frequency


This audio promotes extreme weight loss through the process of thermogenesis, increasing leptin levels and shrinking the size of the stomach.

Thermogenesis is a metabolic process during which your body burns calories to produce heat. Several factors induce thermogenesis in your body including exercise, diet and environmental temperature. Thermogenesis promotes weight loss because it increases your body’s calorie burn.

This audio activates both Ucp1 and Ucp2 (thermogenin proteins) which causes brown fat in your body to produce heat and this production of heat causes fat loss. In addition, the audio also works on increasing leptin levels which is the hormone that tells you you’re full. With leptin levels that are too low, you can eat and eat and eat and still be hungry. This audio’s morphogenic field also work on shrinking to actual size of your stomach.

Daily listening to this audio will definitely promote efficient and faster weight loss. You can even maximize results, If you make a playlist of this video and our other weight loss audios and listen to them one after another.

“Eternity” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Note: This video creates permanent changes by listening on a daily basis. It does not work when downloaded. You can listen with and without headphones. You can do other things while listening. For more in depth information, I suggest reading the FAQS page.


Sapienmed is about making permanent changes in your body, mind and spirit through the amazing power of morphic fields.

Morphic fields organize the form, structure and patterns in systems such as those of organs and cells. Everything has a morphic field. For example, there is a morphic field resonating in your iris that keeps your eye color stabilized. The morphic fields that maintain your eye color can be tapped into and altered to make your eye color lighter. (For more information, read this article- http://enlightenedstates.com/index.ph…)

Essentially, a morphic field is a pattern of information that directs our bodies to behave in a certain way. What we do at SapienMedicine is create morphic fields that direct the body to behave in a way that create the changes you desire and embed them into frequencies.

We have mastered the art of creating fields that change people at the cellular, spiritual and mental level and have transformed the lives of hundreds of people in miraculous ways.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Read just a number of testimonials we have had over the years. http://enlightenedstates.com/index.ph…

The changes you can achieve with these audios are for real. You can make real transformation by just consistently listening to the audios every single day. We aim to reach as many people as possible and help them reach a permanent state of happiness.

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If you subscribe to our new website, you get a free alpha brainwave download. The audio not only brings you benefits such as inducing meditative states, deep relaxation, sharpened focus and creativity but also increases the production of alpha brainwaves in your brain. So with persistent listening, you will be able to easily go into the alpha brainwave state without the audio.


  1. Dear Sepien, i was 213 lbs when i started low carb diet and i loss to 164 in about atleast six months atleast time frame then i gain back to 175 lbs even with intermittent diet following. i don't mind weight which is 175 according to age and height but my belly shrink only from 44 to 39 inches and did not reach to the point where i was expecting according to the weight loss. Now i started 3 treatments including super metabolism , belly shrink as well as sepien. i am sceptic about most but still in believer that nothing is impossible in this world. Lets see what these three treatments do to my body. I will definitely update. Hope God will listen to our prayers who anyone come to be hear.

  2. Being an audiologist, I am certain that there are parts of our body that are tonogopic…our ears being one organ that is. I am currently 38 years old, 5'3, 154 lbs and have a pretty sedentary occupation. I have created a play list and will be documenting my journey as I do believe sound waves have the ability to do mighty things to the body. I like natural approaches and those that do not oppose my religious beliefs. Your comments are encouraging. As for this video, it was the first one that I felt as if I was in a Zumba class. My abdominal muscles were definitely responding to the beats. So weird but I knew then that this was no joke. Will keep you all posted. 12/20/17.

  3. Here's my update after using this once a night for three weeks I've lost weight round my side and stomach and boobs. I had brought a top that was a size 16 and it was tight on my boob area stomach and sides, today i put this top on and it was loose on me.

  4. My close friend had lost an crazy amount of weight so needless to say I was curious. That they suggested that I google “sowo amazing plan”. The times following it all melted off, I dropped a total of 14 pounds.


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